22 December 2014

Genealogy Do-Over

I received an email today from Thomas MacEntee with his announcement that he was going to do a "Genealogy Do-Over." The concept intrigues me because I KNOW that so much of my early research was not properly cited. There was just so much I didn't know, and I took the word of others on some of the lines, and they sent me names, dates and places but not always sources. Plus my files are a combination of my research and research my mom had done. Not only that, when I started it was back in the days of DOS, and files didn't always transfer cleanly from DOS to windows... in fact the first FTM program I used was FTM 5.0! Needless to say the computer database is a mess, not to mention what my paper files look like....

The idea of going back and editing all the info is daunting. The idea of starting a totally new database feels much better. I can start with myself, make sure all my info is in the database and properly cited, then add my spouses, my children, my parents, my siblings, etc one by one and making sure everything is properly entered in a uniform manner and properly cited feels right... Nothing will be entered unless I have the documentation for it. If I have info with no documentation it will go in the notes section marked as speculation.

So starting January 1st I am starting fresh.... if you have been doing this for awhile is this something you need to think about doing too?

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