31 December 2014

Getting ready for Do-Over

Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over starts on Friday, January 2nd.

I have been doing some thinking about file naming (still haven't totally decided on how I will do that, need to really sit there and consider the options to decide which is most natural to the way I do things so I will be able to use it in a consistent manner).

I do know I am going to totally start over with a brand new tree using the same genealogy software, Family Tree Maker 2014.

I am starting a brand new tree because I have several trees due to computer/software glitches that wanted me to open the tree with a new name. Plus some of it is my mom's research from before she died in 1997 and some of it is my research. So for me it is easier to start new and go through every document, every note, one by one and make sure everything is correct and properly cited than to try and go back and just review and try and correct errors in the existing database(s). (And boy is that a terrible run on sentence, but hopefully you get the jest of what I mean.)

I just ordered some banker boxes (supposed to arrive on Friday). I will take out every folder, every notebook every scrap of paper relating to genealogy from my file cabinet drawers and put them in there. Then as I go through the folders I will put them back into the filing cabinet. That way I can be sure that I have looked at each piece of information.

I will be resubscribing to Ancestry.com on January 2nd, for now probably on a month to month basis for just the US because my generation, my children's generation, my grandchildren's generation and my parents' generation have all spent their entire lives in the US. Well, except for the year my son spent in Afghanistan and the year he spent in Cuba but since that was as a member of the US Army there shouldn't be any non-US records even for him.

I do have a subscription to Genealogy Bank. Need to check and see which other services I still have current subscriptions to...

I will be taking time to really work on my genealogy this year. I am determined to make it the priority in life like it is in my mind.

I am going to read at least 1 genealogy book per month to keep my knowledge growing.

I am going to read 1 genealogy magazine a month. I have a subscription to Family Tree Magazine and am ashamed to say that there have been many issues I have looked at the front cover, then set them aside and never actually read.

I am going to take my list of genealogy goals that I posted a couple of days ago and break them down into do-able steps with a do by date for each step to help keep me moving forward. And if that means I don't stay on the same schedule as Thomas' Do-Over schedule then that is ok, I will use his information as it is applicable to my research.


  1. Linda, welcome to Geneabloggers! I'm participating in the Do-Over too and it looks like you're off to a great start. --Kathryn

  2. Update - took advantage of special price and did a 6 month subscription to ancestry.com US version, have a subscription to findmypast world version for another 7 months, bankers boxes haven't arrived yet (now supposedly today, Monday... we will see if they actually do). Have been working on applying the SMART formula to my list of goals and trying to refine them into specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely goals