28 July 2012

Doing a happy dance

There are some who don't like Facebook and won't use it. I can understand there are privacy concerns, but you can make your settings so that only those you want to see things can see them. Me, I have mine pretty broad for most things because I post a lot of genealogy stuff there hoping to connect with both close and distant relatives. Let me tell you what happened this week for our family because of Facebook.... Several weeks ago I search for Facebook looking for the children of one of my cousins who had distance themselves from the family for many years. I sent several messages out hoping one of them would contact me back. Finally this week one of them did, they hadn't seen my message when I first sent it because it hadn't gone to the main inbox. I started chatting back and forth with them, they were glad to be in contact with someone from our side of the family. I let this person's aunt know I had made contact with them, and it has snowballed from there. Not only have connections been made between me and these 1st cousins once removed, those young people are now in contact with their aunts and uncles. Then the big surprise today, my cousin that had distanced themselves set up a facebook account and has now friended not only me but his siblings! All because I took a chance and sent a message to a possible relative on facebook.