30 December 2014

Some new (to me) products

I am really enjoying being a part of Thomas MacEntee's facebook group
Genealogy Do-Over I have found a couple of new products that I have started using.

The first product is Evernote Free version. It is great for writing notes, you can organize your notes into notebooks so that like notes are together. It also allows you to tag your notes making them easier to search for specific topics. Another great feature is that you can clip webpages directly into a note. I have clipped a number of other people's blog posts about how they are working out organizational messes in preparation for the Do-Over. It is allowing me to go back and forth between different options without worrying about trying to locate the post on their blogs again. (This feature would work great for clipping those recipes from Facebook that you want to try someday too.) I have a couple of different notebooks set up already for different aspects of my life, the one I am using the most right now is the one I have set up for notes about the Genealogy Do-Over.

The second product I have found is called Folder Marker. Again there is a free version and it allows you to change the color of your folders on your computer, or to use an icon instead of a folder. I have changed all folders that have anything to do with genealogy to a tree making it easy to find those main folders

Example of how I have started to use Folder Marker on the file folders on my computer.

Another program I am considering checking out is Evidentia. It is supposed to help you compare and evaluate the facts found from different sources helping you prove or disprove a hypothesis, and I believe it does have a free trial period. But since I am not to the point of wanting to evaluate documents right now I am going to wait before downloading the trial version.

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