22 March 2013

Received Certificates from England!

I have done a quick transcribing of the certificates I just received today from England. Some of the writting is more difficult to read so will wait to try and decipher it when it is daylight and I don't have a slight headache.

Of the 10 certificates I received, two of them were for the wrong people. So, back to trying to find a death record for Emma (Halsey) Simmons and a birth record for George Simmons. Otherwise I have verification on several assumptions, a couple of new bits of info, and now more questions to answer. For example George Newman and Mary Bridge's marriage certificate say he was a widower. So, who was his first wife? when did she die? did they have any children together?

But onto what I have transcribed-

Death certificates

year 1922 quarter J vol 03a pg 745 district Bishop Stortford - Emma Simmons widow of James Simmons a farm laborer daughter Martha Childs (wrong Emma Simmons based on the fact that my Emma's husband was named George and they did not have a daughter named Martha and none of their daughters married a Mr Childs)

year 1911 quarter D vol 04a pg 621 District Chelmsford - 23 December 1911 Mary Bridge Willsher female age 77 wife of Frank Willsher master accountant Cardiac Disease Syncope informant Frank Willsher 118 New London Road Chelmsford

year 1868 quarter S vol 04a pg 123 district Chelmsford - 13 July 1868 George Nemwan male 46 yrs Compositor informant S Saltwell of Epson Surrey present at death

year 1918 quarter D vol 03a pg 1209 district Edmonton - 11 October 1918 George Simmons male 77 yrs formerly a cab proprietor cause ? Sclerosis; Informant Arthur Grace grandson of 38 Sidney Rd Bowes Park

Marriage Certificates

year 1858 quarter S vol 04a pg 165 District Chelmsford - George Newman/Mary Bridge July 10 1958 George Widower Printer, residence Chelmsford father William Newman China Dealer; Mary Bridge Spinster residence Southminister father John Bridge butcher; both of full age; solemnized at Parish Church in the Parish of Chelmsford witnesses Walter Saltwell (sp?) and Mary Newman

year 1879 quarter D vol 01d pg 1247 District Camberwell - Francis Willsher/Mary Newman 16 October 1879 Francis age 25 Bachelor miller residence 13 Daniel Rd ? Father William Willsher Miller; Mary Ann Newman 43 widow residence 13 Daniel Rd ? Father John Bridge (deceased) Butcher solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of ? In the county of Surrey witnesses Henry Neville and Lilly Neville

year 1861 quarter M vol 01a pg 585 district Marylebone - George Simmons/Emma Halsey 6 February 1861 George Simmons full age bachelor groom residence 24 ? Street father George Simmons Coachman Emma Halsey full age spinster residence 24 ? Street father James Halsey Lawyer solemnized St Mary’s Church Parish of St Marylebone county of Middlesex witnesses George ? and Harriet Halsey

Birth Certificates

year 1841 quarter J vol 6 pg 227 registration district Reading 11 ofJune 1841 name George sex boy father Henry Simmons mother Mary Simmons formerly Hester father occupation milk man informang Henry Simmons father (based on the information on George Simmons and Emma Halsey's marriage certificate this is not my George Simmon's birth certificate)

year 1865 quarter D vol 04a pg 152 district Chelmsford - 2 November 1865 Charles Frederick boy father George Newman mother Ann Newman formerly Bridge Compositor informant Geo Newman father of Chelmsford

year 1868 quarter D vol 03a pg 342 district St Albans - 18 September 1868 Mary Ann girl father George Simmons mother Emma Simmons formerly Halsey father occupation cab driver informant Emma Simmons mother Fishpool Street St Michael’s St Albans

09 March 2013

Thomas Mason Antrim

Date Plan made: March 7, 2013        Researcher: Linda Newman


1. To discover what school(s) Thomas attended while studying to become a minister.

2. To get Thomas’ full pension file from NARA.

3. To discover how Lucinda Teichmann of Philadelphia, Rev John G Brown of Philadelphia, Caroline H Kirby (widow of Job Kirby) of Philadelphia and Thomas J Antrim of Camden, NJ are connected to the Antrim family.

4. To discover if the Masonic Lodge has any records regarding Thomas.

5. To get a copy of all information that is in the records at Mt Vernon Cemetery in Philadelphia for all people buried in the plot purchased by Thomas.

Known Facts (with sources):

1. Thomas was born in New Egypt, NJ in 1840 per application form for G.A.R. Post #2 in Philadelphia.

2. Thomas was born 20 September 1840 to Sarah and John Antrim per Sarah’s application for mother’s pension based on Thomas’ civil war service. File included affidavits from Lucinda Teichmann of Philadelphia and Thomas J Antrim of Camden, NJ, stating the fact.

3. Thomas was baptized 24 June 1849 Calvary Episcopal Church Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Record states Thomas was born 20 Sept 1840

4. Thomas first appears in the 1850 census Philadelphia with parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 11 years old and was born in New Jersey

5. Thomas appears in the 1860 census Philadelphia with parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 20 years old and born in Pennsylvania. Occupation Bricklayer.

6. Thomas served in the Pennsylvania Volunteers during the civil war.
      a. He enlisted on April 26th, 1861 as a private in Company D of the 20th PA Volunteers for 90 days' service. He was discharged at end of his 90 day service in August 1861.
      b. He reenlisted March 24th, 1862 as a corporal, Company H, 109th PA Volunteers and was discharged on the 25th of March, 1864, as First Sergeant of Co. H.
      c. He then reenlisted as a veteran volunteer and was finally discharged on June 14th, 1865, at the Draft Rendezvous at Louisville, KY, by reason of a surgeon's certificate of disability due to a wound suffered on October 29th, 1863 at the Battle of Wauhatchie, TN. From Andy Waskie and Kerry Bryan, Museum historians/archivists Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library in Philadelphia, Pa. Also, civil war pension file for Thomas Mason Antrim.

7. Thomas appears in the 1870 census Smyrna, Deleware with parents John and Sarah Downey. It says he is 29 years old, born in New Jersey. Occupation Student of Divinity.

8. The Rev. Thomas M. Antrim has become assistant to the Rev. Dr. John W Claxton, rector of the P. E. Church of the Advocate. (Religious. News for the Week from the Different Denominations-Holmesburg Baptist Church-Twenty-Eighth Street M E. Church-Trinity P E. Churches (News Article) Date: 1875-12-10; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer; genealogybank.com accessed 20 April 2010)

9. in Bible originally belonging to Louise S. Cox-- (handwritten note) “On Sep 4, 1878 (Thomas) Mason Antrim and I were betrothed.”

10. In 1879 Thomas was living at 2025 Parrish Street in the Brewerytown section of Philadelphia. He listed his occupation as "clergyman." per application form for G.A.R. Post #2 in Philadelphia.

11. Thomas was elected to membership in GAR Post 2 on January 23, 1879 and was recommended by John H. Storrey, a comrade from the 109th PA who was a Medal of Honor recipient.

12. Thomas appears in the 1880 census Neptune, New Jersey with parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 39 years old and born in New Jersey. Occupation Clergyman.

13. Thomas purchased a plot in Mt Vernon Cemetery. Deed in my possession.

14. Thomas’ pension certificate is 208.634

15. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificate - Thomas died 8 July 1886 in Philadelphia, buried at Mt Vernon Cemetery in Philadelphia.

16. Handwritten note in Bible originally belonging to Louise S Cox - “July 8 1886 Mason left me for that blessed country, where parting is not known, and I am sadly waiting here until I can join my darling and be happy with him & my Savior for evermore. Mason may my tarrying not be long.”

17. Obit: The Rev. Mr. Antrim Buried.
      a. The funeral services of the Rev. Thomas M. Antrim, of the Protestant Episcopal Church, were held in the Church of the Annunciation, corner of Twelfth and Diamond Streets, yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Dr. H. G. Batterson, rector of the church, officiating. Representatives were present from a Camden Masonic lodge and Post No. 2 Grand Army of the Republic, of which organizations deceased was a member. The remains were interred in Mount Vernon Cemetery. From a Bible that belonged to Louise S Cox (ed. Note: Thomas and Louise were betrothed) with the above newspaper clipping attached to the inside of the cover.
      b. 1886-07-12; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer ANTRIM - Departed this life July 8, 1886, Rev. THOMAS M. ANTRIM, in the forty-sixth year of his age. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral at the Church of the Annunciation, corner Twelfth and Diamond streets, this afternoon, punctually at 3 o'clock."
      c. 1886-07-10; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer "Rev. Thomas M. Antrim, a minister of the P. E. Church, died, after a lingering illness from cancer of the mouth, on Thursday. For a short time, years ago, Mr. Antrim was assistant in the Church of the Advocate, now St. Philip's Church, Spring Garden street, below Broad. The deceased never had charge of a church, for the past ten years being incapable of doing any active work in the ministry. He was forty-six years of age."

Working Hypothesis:

Son of John Antrim and Sarah Downey. Brother to Sarah Antrim, John E Antrim, Anna Louisa Antrim, George W Antrim, Emma Antrim, and Kate Antrim

He was born in 20 Sept 1840 in New Egypt, New Jersey.

He was an Episcopalian.

In his early adult years he was a brick mason.

He served in the Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War.

He went to Divinity School and became a minister after the war.

He was betrothed to Louse S Cox, but they had not married by the time of his death.

Member of a Camden Masonic lodge and Post No. 2 Grand Army of the Republic

He died 8 July 1886 in Philadelphia, Pa at 46 years of age, and was buried in Mt Vernon Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Research Strategies (specific records to check):

Research plans for other members of this family group were posted in January 2012, with addition innformation posted on 7 Feb 2012.

06 March 2013

Been awhile

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, I haven't even done a lot of research in quite awhile. But need to get things organized because I am going to the genealogy trip that Michael John Neill is organizing for Salt Lake City that starts at the end of May 2013. While I have written research plans for 6 of the children of John Antrim and Sarah Downey, I dont' have one written for their oldest son or for either John or Sarah. Need to get writing. Then I need to get research plans written for the Boyer line since those are the 2 branches I plan on focusing on.