31 January 2012

Records of the Antrim Family of America

I have been taking a break the last few days from going through my Antrim research and developing research plans for John and Sarah and their 7 children. I am sure it won't be long before I am driven by the need to get back to that project, but for now I am working on another ANTRIM line project.

In 1899 a book was published called "Records of the Antrim Family of America" by Harriet Stockton Antrim. In it she collected a vast number of names, many dates and some places. The problem being she didn't have a computer to keep her database in a nice neat format with standardized entries. Plus there is NO INDEX!!! This makes for a very difficult to use resource.

A few years ago I was able to connect to a very nice man in California that is also researching the ANTRIM line (unfortunately not my direct line), and together we decided to divide the book up and start entering the information into a computer database to make it easier to understand the connections. this should allow us to direct other researches of the ANTRIM family to where in the book their line might be, and together we can work to help prove or disprove her statements.

Harriet included almost no source notes for any of the information she included in the book. This means everything is to be considered 2nd hand information, just there to give us possible clues to finding proof.

By today's standards her methods of organization can be very confusing. Today we would use a numbering system to keep people straight, Harriet used no numbering system in her book. So this is a huge project and will be time consuming, but in the end it should be rewarding.

And, hopefully when finished it will be a benefit to others in the Antrim line.

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  1. I'd like to help with this project. Please contact me at lisa at catalinacom dot com.
    Lisa Antram