18 January 2012

George W Antrim

Name of person/family being researched: George W Antrim
Date Plan made: 18 January 2012
Researcher: Linda Newman


1. To locate birth records for George W Antrim to learn his birth date and birth place.

2. To locate additional census records for George W Antrim to find out occupation, and residences and any other information those records may reveal.

3. To locate any possible marriages for George W Antrim, spouse name(s), marriage date(s), marriage place(s).

4. To locate any possible children of George W Antrim, name(s), birth date(s), birth place(s).

5. To locate death and burial records for George W Antrim, to learn his death date, death place, burial place.

Known Facts (with sources):

1. George first appears on the 1860 census in Philadelphia with his parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 10 years old and born in Pennsylvania.

2. George is also on the 1870 census in Smyrna, Kent, Delaware with his parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 17, birthplace Pennsylvania, and that he is an apprentice to a Brick Mason

3. I believe this is the correct George Antrim on the 1880 living in Philadelphia as a boarder. It says he is 28, birthplace Pennsylvania, father born Pennsylvania mother born Ireland, and that he is a brick mason.

Working Hypothesis:

1. George W Antrim is the son of John Antrim and Sarah Downey. Brother of Thomas Mason Antrim, Sarah Antrim, John E Antrim, Anna Louisa Antrim, Emma Antrim, and Kate Antrim.

2. George was born after the 1850 census was taken, probably 1852 (+/-2 years) in Pennsylvania, probably Philadelphia.

3. George followed in his father footsteps and became a brick mason at least for a time.

Research Strategies (specific records to check):

1. Check for will or probate record for father, John Antrim, who died at a Soldiers home in Hampton, Va in July 1885 to see if George is mentioned.

2. Look for birth record for George, first in city of Philadelpha, then broader search in Pennsylvania.

3. Check for Christening or baptismal record for George

4. Look for any potential marriage records for George, including newpaper announcements.

5. Look for death/burial records for George, first in Philadelphia, then broadening out from there.

6. Look for obituary for George in newspapers.


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