20 January 2012

John E Antrim

Date Plan made: 19 January 2012        Researcher: Linda Newman


1. To find John E.’s birth date and place.

2. To find date, place and denomination of John E.’s christening/baptism if there is any.

3. To learn more about John E.’s civil war sevice and the contents of his pension file.

4. To find name of John E.’s wife/wives, marriage date and place, children born to marriage(s).

5. To find date and place of John E.’s death and place of burial.

Known Facts (with sources):

1. John first appears on the 1850 census in Philadelphia with his parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 6 years old with a birth place of New York.

2. John is on the 1860 census in Philadelphia with his parents John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 12 years old with a birth place of Pennsylvania (note that census says everyone in the family was born in Pennsylvania which I know to be in error),

3. There is a possible match for John on the 1870 census at 1502 S 5th St in Philadelphia. Indexed as John Autnin on ancestry.com. Says John is 24 birthplace Pennsylvania and his occupation is Brick Layer. Also in household is wife Martha age 24 birthplace Pennsylvania, and daughter Elizabeth age 1 birthplace Pennsylvania.

4. John is on the 1880 census in Neptune, Monmouth, New Jersey back in his parents’ home, John and Sarah Antrim. It says he is 33 birth place New York, occupation druggist. Also list 2 minor children in the household which I believe are John E’s children. Lillie age 10 birthplace Pennsylvania and John age 8 birthplace Pennsylvania.

5. John is on the 1890 census at National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Elizabeth City, Virginia, United States. Disability incurred diarrhea and piles

6. John is on the 1900 census Portsmouth Ward 5, Portsmouth City, Virginia, It say he was born July 1845 in New York, a widower, occupation bricklayer.

7. John is on the 1910 census Indexed on ancestry.com as John E Antrican in National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Chesapeake, Elizabeth City, Virginia. It says he is 65 years old, birthplace New York, a widower.

8. John is on the 1920 census in 2 places - United Zion's Home, Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (indexed on ancestry.com as Antrin) dated 19 January 1920. It says age 74 birthplace New York. He also seems to be listed as living at National Home for Disabled, Washington, Tennessee, dated 15 January 1920. It says single age 70 birthplace Pennsylvania.

9. John spent time in National Soldiers Homes.
a. Admitted in 1883 in Tennessee, County: Washington, [Carter], City: Johnson City, Branch: Mountain Branch. Age at admittance 37, birthplace Philadelphia.
b. Admitted in 1883 in State: Virginia, City: Hampton, Branch: Roseburg Branch.

10. Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900 found on fold3.com
a. Pennsylvania » Infantry » Regiment 23 » Company K » Antrim, John E.
Enlisted and discharge blank; filed 18 May 1883; no death date given. Application 483750. Additional services Regiment 109 Company H

b. Pennsylvania » Infantry » Regiment 109 » Company H » Antrim, John E.
Enlisted 24 March 1862; discharged 1 Nov 1865; filed 18 May 1883; died 4 Nov 1920 in Pa. Probably says Lititz, but looks like town name begins with an "S." Application number 483 certificate number 392576. Additional services Regiment 111 Company H

c. Pennsylvania » Infantry » Regiment 111 » Company H » Antrim, John E.
Enlisted 25 March 1862; discharged 1 Nov 1865; filed 1 May 1883; died 4 Nov 1920 in Pa. Probably says Lititz, but looks like town name begins with an "S." Application number 483750 certificate number 392576. Additional services Reg 109 Co H

(Note his daughter seemed to go by Lillie in some records and Elizabeth in other records, but they seem to be the same person.)

Working Hypothesis:

1. Son of John Antrim and Sarah Downey. Brother to Thomas Mason Antrim, Sarah Antrim, Anna Louisa Antrim, George W Antrim, Emma Antrim, and Kate Antrim

2. John Antrim was probably born 1846 (+/- 2 yrs) in New York.

3. Served in the Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War, and like his father and older brother developed health issues as a result of his service.

4. Married once to unknown woman probably prior to 1869. If I found the right family group on the 1870 census her first name is Martha. They had at least 3 children George Mason born about 1868, Elizabeth Lillie (Lillian?), born about 1869, and John, born about 1871. All 3 children were born in Pennsylvania (probably Philadelphia). His wife died before the 1880 census, possibly 4 January 1879 in Philadelphia.

5. He worked primarily as a brick layer but the 1880 census lists him as a druggist.

Research Strategies (specific records to check):

1. Search birth records 1844-1848 starting in New York State, then branching out to NJ and Pennsylvania for John E’s birth record.

2. Search for any mention of christening or baptism that would give birth date/place, date/place of christening/baptism, and which denomination the family was a part of.

3. Search John E’s civil war pension file for information contained in it regarding himself, his birth, his marriage, his children, his service, his death and burial. Making special note of any names in common between his file, his brother Thomas’ file, and their father’s file. This may give clues to extended family members.

4. Find out what the requirements were to be a druggist in 1880 to see if John had any formal training or licensing that might have left a record.

5. Search for marriage records for his marriage to unknown woman approximately 1868.

6. Search for birth records for any children he had, specifically George, Lillie and John.

7. Search for death record for John E, as well as a possible obituary.


If I found the right John on the 1870 census and his wife's name is Martha then this might be her death cert. (Found on familysearch.org in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates) - Name: Martha B. Antrim; Death Date: 04 Jan 1879; Death Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Gender: Female; Race: White; Death Age: 33 years; Estimated Birth Year: 1846; Birthplace: Columbus, N.J.; Marital Status: Married; Spouse's Name: blank; Street Address: 536 Federal St.; Cemetery: West Laurel Hill Cemetery

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