06 February 2011

The Search for Emma Antrim Boyer

Are the Emma ANTRIM that married Frederick R BOYER and the Emma ANTRIM that is the daughter of John ANTRIM and Sarah DOWNEY the same person? My reasons for thinking they are the same person are as follows:

1.) My father was named after a great uncle that was a minister and served in the civil war, my father’s name is Thomas Mason Antrim NEWMAN. The oldest son of John and Sarah ANTRIM is Reverand Thomas Mason ANTRIM. Reverend ANTRIM served in the Pa Volunteers during the Civil War.

2.) After Emma and Frederick BOYER both died their daughter, Louise Grace, went to live with her Aunt “Lou.” Aunt Lou had a daughter named Rhonda. One of John and Sarah’s daughters was named Anna Louisa and went by the name Louise. The 1900 census has Joseph J and Anna L REYNOLDS with daughter Rhonda. The 1910 census has Joseph J and Anna L REYNOLDS with niece Louise G.

3.) In my possession I have the original deed obtained by Rev Thomas M ANTRIM when he purchased a burial plot at Mount Vernon Cemetery. The following people are buried in that plot:
Rev Thomas M ANTRIM
Sarah Downey ANTRIM (Thomas’ mother)
Kate ANTRIM (Thomas’ youngest sister)
3 sons of Lillie and Isaac HOFFER (Lillie ANTRIM HOFFER is the niece of Thomas)
Thomas Mason BOYER (son of Frederick R and Emma ANTRIM BOYER)
2 daughters of Frederick J and Louise G (BOYER) NEWMAN (Louise is the daughter of Emma and Frederick R BOYER and the twin sister of Thomas Mason BOYER)

4.) I have in my possession a Bible that originally belonged to Louise S COX. A handwritten note in the bible says that “On Sep 4, 1878 (Thomas) Mason ANTRIM and I were betrothed.” Another handwritten note says “July 8 1886 Mason left me for that blessed country, where parting is not known, and I am sadly waiting here until I can join my darling and be happy with him & my Savior for evermore. Mason may my tarrying not be long.” In the Bible there is also a copy of the funeral notice for Rev Thomas Mason ANTRIM. The notice mentions he was buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery.

Only counter-indication I have found that they are not the same person would be year of birth given in the affidavit for her marriage license to Frederick and on the 1900 census compared to the ages given on the census when Emma was a child living with her parents, John and Sarah ANTRIM. Depending on the census the daughter of John and Sarah is 8-10 years older than the age given on the affidavit for marriage license. But then a woman lying about her age is not unheard of. Sarah ANTRIM BURKE, the oldest daughter of John and Sarah, also lost about 10 yrs on the census as time went on. One of my other great grandmothers also took 10 yrs off her age when she married for the 2nd time.

I have not found the death record for Emma Antrim Boyer at this time, it may give me more definite proof one way or the other, depending on who supplied the information.

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