22 March 2017


Well, I went on ancestry to see what records I could find for the missing two great great great grandparents. I hit the mother lode! Not only did I find them I found their parents!

The people within the red outline are the eight people I managed to add to my tree tonight

Of course it is now 10 pm and I haven't had dinner and my neck is getting stiff from looking at the computer. Time to stop for the day, get some food, some ibuprofen and soak in a warm tub. Have a good night all, and good luck in your hunt. I love days like this that go so well.


  1. This infact is a fabulous way to make your family lineage. I have writing my family tree as well, and it has been in writing since my great great great great grandfather. But, I need a more solid way to preserve it. This is just what I'd do and share it among the rest in the fam.

  2. I find writing a blog a great way to publish my genealogy research. Many blog sites are free (including this one) so the cost of publishing is minimal, and if you tag your posts well then if someone is searching for a topic you have written about they can find you.