27 September 2011

New discoveries thanks to this blog

For those that might wonder about the value of posting a blog I have a story to tell today.

Somone who was trying to trace her KROLL ancestors did a search for the surname online which brought up my blog. Turns out she is the 2nd cousin once removed of my daughter's boyfriend! She remembers Jack and Mollie and some of the other family members. She was able to give me enough of the missing pieces that I was then able to go onto fold3.com and do a search for Abraham Kroll and find his naturalization papers in Cleveland, Ohio. They gave names and birthdates for not only the children I knew of (like Jack) but also several I didn't know about. PLUS it gave me a place of birth... Kiev, Russia! (And yes I know that Kiev is in what is now Urkraine not Russia, but at the time of his birth in 1862 it was a part of the Russian Empire.)

And it would have been a lot harder search if I hadn't contacted with a member of a different branch of the family because of this blog!

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  1. Hi, I commented on other post about Kroll genealogy as well. I am also a 2nd cousin, once (or perhaps twice?) removed from your daughter's (then?) boyfriend. Interestingly, I was not aware of any fellow cousins on the Kroll side of my family, as my dad was estranged from them all and pretty much everyone I know with the name has either died, or I never met them in the first place.